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Chinese Donut Recipe

This recipe for Chinese donuts is super easy and definitely budget worthy. OMG they taste like they came fresh from the restaurant. And there are only 3 ingredients! Seriously! They are absolutely delicious and it will take all you have not to want to devour the bunch of them. Here’s how I made them.
Use 1 container of premade biscuits. I used Pillsbury Southern Home-style biscuits 10ct.
Oil for frying – I used vegetable oil
Granulated Sugar
Pour the oil into a frying pan about 3/4″ thick. Heat to 275-300 degrees. Drop biscuit into oil and fry until side is golden and then flip over and brown. Takes about 2-3 minutes per side depending on how hot oil is. Do not burn. You can put approx. 4 biscuits into pan depending on pan size but do not crowd them. Remove and lay them on paper towel covered plate to soak up any excess oil. Put sugar into a large bowl and put a biscuit on top coating the entire thing. Do these one at a time. Then sit them aside to cool. Continue cooking until all done. You can make as little or many as you like. Enjoy!
You could also use powdered sugar, eat them plain or add another glaze. Also, due to the size, you could even jelly fill them! Oh My!


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