Let’s Eat Out!

Eat out? Are you kidding? These are the thoughts that run through my brain way to many times. Today was no exception. My husband had his birthday a few days ago, so I’m sure you are all aware of the multiple amounts of email offers from companies that flow through your inbox all in hopes that you will share your special day with them. Most of these emails come from restaurants and there are a few that offer discounts to various department stores. Well, I am here to tell you, DO NOT DELETE! These emails are great resources to saving you some money. So, today, my Husband, myself and our 4 children ventured out to enjoy a delicious, yet cost friendly lunch together.
One restaurant in particular stood out for us today. RED ROBIN, yummmm. The special offer was for a free burger of his choice with the exception of the premium burgers. If any of you out there have ever been to a Red Robin, you know that it is hard to pick out a burger. OMG they are all so good. And as all of you may know, Red Robin is not the cheapest place in town either. Burgers can range from $7.00 to $14.00, kids meals are about $5.00 and drinks are $3 – $4.00. Ouch right? When you have a large family, ouch is a common word. So, before any discounts, we could be looking at a bill about $55.00 before tax and tip. Now, remember when I mentioned before that premium burgers are not included in the free meal? Well, guess who wanted a premium burger? Hint: not me or the kids. Lucky for him, I wanted a burger that was not considered premium. He still gets what he wants, and I get what I want and we still get the free burger. BOOM! $11.00 saved off the bill. Now for the kids. I have children ages 3-11. So, some appetites are greater than others. Lucky for me, my two youngest children absolutely LOVE mac-n-cheese. AND, lucky for me, Red Robin has a BOTTOMLESS, yes, I said Bottomless, Mac-n-Cheese. That means, 1 kids meal for 2 children to split! $5.00 saved off the bill. YES! Oh, and did I mention that the kids meals come with drinks and my husband and I are big water drinkers? SCORE! Another $7.00 off the bill. Lets see where we are at. Husbands meal $12.50, mine FREE, 3 kids meals 15.00. TOTAL = $27.50!!! That is a 50% savings!
So, my recommendation to you, is to sign up for all those restaurant birthday clubs and take advantage of the emails sent to you offering free stuff! It pays off and again, my family was able to eat out and our wallets survived.
Till next time……

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