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Fine Bamboo Spoon Gift Set in Keepsake Box Review

Hey everyone. I am so excited to talk about this Fine Bamboo Spoon Gift Set in Keepsake Box by Baby Pinch Boutique. It is so nice and I wish I had a set for each of my children. I have always used the plastic spoons that you find at your local department store. Nothing fancy just something to get the job done. However, I had always wanted something that I could call their own and keep forever. You know like the metal spoons you would see as kids that had your name engraved or the first pair of shoes you wore and then they were bronzed? Well, even though these spoons are not metal and engraved or bronze shoes, they are still something that you can keep forever in the keepsake box. Here are some of the benefits:
  • Food-grade organic silicone/bamboo hybrid spoons (5 piece) in a smooth finished handcrafted box with magnetic lid enclosure
  • A unique baby gift idea for a friend’s baby shower. Is your little trying to guide his or her hand while munching on wholesome baby food? This set will impress even the pickiest toddler or little big kid. The bright rainbow colors and smiley faces on each handle should help entertain
  • Perfect in size for infants and toddlers learning to self feed. The wide flexible tips help capture food while they learn to coordinate and balance food. This is better than the typical narrow spoon on the market
  • Our training spoons are 5.5 inches long, lightweight, food-grade and BPA free. They are soft, flexible and free of toxins or plastics
  • The dishwasher safe silicon spoon heads must be periodically detached for cleaning; the wood handles must be hand washed only. It requires a firm tug to separate the pieces but we urge that you always supervise your little ones since these are not meant as a toy or chew teether
These are all wonderful benefits and I definitely would recommend them as a gift or even for your baby. To purchase you can go to

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